Jeep-safari on the eastern slopes of Fruška Gora - private tour

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Visit the Petrovaradin Fortress, Bukovac Plateau, Sremski Karlovci, Stražilovo, Karlovački Dunavac, the "Deceptive Summer of '68" beach, Velika Remeta Monastery and the beautiful Međeš Lake, an authentic Vojvodina farmstead, Grgeteg Monastery, Krušedol Monastery and all in one exciting off-road adventure!


Tour of Sremski Karlovci
Off-road driving through Fruška Gora
Tour of the Velika Remeta and Grgeteg monasteries
Tour of Lake Međeš
Sports activities

Tour description:

Departure by arrangement from Sremski Karlovac or Novi Sad, followed by a tour of the center of Karlovac, this baroque town on the slopes of Fruška Gora (optional, with notice and extra charge - visit to the Karlovac Gymnasium). After the tour, an off-road drive through the forests of Fruška Gora to Velika Remeta follows.

This is followed by a tour of the Velika Remeta monastery and the Međeš lake in Fruškogora. After Lake Međes, we visit the Grgeteg monastery, and then we go to an authentic Vojvodina farm for lunch (optional). After the farm, we visit the Krušedol monastery, after which we go to a presentation of wine in one of the many wineries in Karlovy Vary and a delicious dinner. (optional)

We part ways around 20:00. Starting points can be from Novi Sad or Sremski Karlovac.

Dates of departure:

Sat 02.03.2024
Sun 03.03.2024
Mon 04.03.2024
Tue 05.03.2024
Wed 06.03.2024
Thu 07.03.2024
Fri 08.03.2024
Sat 09.03.2024
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Tue 12.03.2024
Wed 13.03.2024
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Sat 16.03.2024
Sun 17.03.2024
Mon 18.03.2024
Tue 19.03.2024
Wed 20.03.2024

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Conditions for free cancellation

Trip cancellation is possible no later than two days before departure.

Guide language

Serbian, English

Notes for transport

The vehicles are: Toyota Land Cruiser, Mitsubishi Pajero, Suzuki Vitara Cabrio 4×4

Included in price

Jeep ride
Tourist guide service
Organization costs

Not included in price

Lunch or dinner
A drink with lunch or dinner
Wine tasting
Individual passenger expenses

Notes on dressing

Since there are also hikes, we advise guests to start the trip in comfortable shoes.

Other notes

The duration of the tour is a minimum of 4 hours.

Terms of payment

Payment is made according to the instructions of the tour organizer. After confirming the reservation, you will receive payment instructions by email.

Price from * : 55 EUR

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